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From the survival guide, we embarked on a transformative journey. We brought the vibrant student life to a virtual platform, turning the seemingly impossible into reality. Through the first stringent lockdown, we successfully recreated nearly every facet of student life, connecting students in ways that exceeded expectations.

Though the pandemic is now a distant memory, the echoes of this campaign continue to resonate. The collaborative effort, involving our dedicated team of freelancers, remains etched in our minds. No challenge was insurmountable, as we united our strengths to turn this campaign into a resounding success. The memories of our collective achievement will forever inspire us.


Lockdowns may close campuses, but the spirit of the university community remains unbreakable. We empowered connection and fostered resilience through a hands-on campaign, meticulously co-created with the target group.





When the university's rector teased us with the challenge of maintaining unity among students and staff during lockdown, we embraced the opportunity. Accepting the invitation, we embarked on a co-creative journey to design a guerrilla campaign that would bridge distances and ignite a sense of togetherness.​

Amidst stress and uncertainty, we triumphed in cultivating unity and providing perspective, extending beyond students. Through our initiative titled 'From Your Kot,' we introduced an interactive survival guide. This guide was a result of co-creation with the target audience and the university's extensive network, offering solace, inspiration, and a sense of community during challenging times.


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