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The pandemic taught us a vital lesson: with the right mindset and the right partners, even the most daunting challenges can be transformed into achievable feats. The seemingly impossible becomes attainable, underscoring the incredible potential that lies within collaboration and a positive outlook.

When you join forces with us, we're more than just partners during the highs – we're your steadfast allies through every twist and turn. Our commitment isn't just a promise; it's a reality we live by. Through action, we prove that our word holds true in both good and challenging times.


Amidst the pandemic, Production Office emerged as a guiding light. We  informed citizens and crafted innovative entertainment avenues. Navigating uncertainty, it offered solace, steered clients, and crafted perspectives for a brighter tomorrow. Witness the transformative power of creativity in times of challenge – a testament to its boundless resilience and impact.




2020 - 2022

In the face of an unforeseen pandemic, certainties dissolved like snow in the sun. Yet within this seeming emptiness, the challenge of the unknown emerged. It beckoned us to harness our collective strength, partnering with all stakeholders. With a creative perspective, we embraced the battle, determined to make a difference and navigate through uncertainty as a united force.​

Right from the start, we stood by our clients' side. Together with our clients, freelancers, and other stakeholders, we put our words into action. Over the course of two years, we orchestrated massive talk shows, established a press room, produced over 15 on-air concerts, and remarkably, even broadcasted a show from a corona unit in an Antwerp hospital. Our actions mirrored our commitment, reinforcing that we're more than just words.


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