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When an organization is gearing up for an internal campaign, seeking external assistance is a strategic move. A fresh perspective on the existing approach, coupled with the infusion of essential expertise, has the potential to work wonders. Embrace the power of collaboration and watch your campaign thrive beyond expectations.


Vlaams ABVV


2021 - 2022

Leading up to the May 2022 congress of the Flemish socialist labour union, we partnered with ROODshow. Spanning across Flanders, we would engage with their dedicated activists on four chosen topics. Despite the pandemic, we flexibly shifted to a hybrid model.

The initial wave materialized online, hosting province-specific talk shows coupled with interactive segments for members to engage with the union. Subsequently, a second phase saw a physical event in Brussels, jointly co-produced with the client. Through agility and collaboration, we navigated challenges, ensuring the congress journey was impactful and dynamic.

The outcome of this internal campaign stands as a resounding success. In partnership with our client, we achieved the key objectives of informing, inspiring, and mobilizing the targeted groups. By doing so, we fostered substantial participation in the vital preliminary stages, setting the stage for the pivotal May meeting. This collaborative effort underscores the campaign's impact in uniting and galvanizing stakeholders for a meaningful outcome.

Harnessing the power of participation, our campaigns merge bottom-up and top-down approaches. By involving the target groups, we not only shape the future but also foster a sense of ownership and enthusiasm. Together, we co-create solutions, ensuring that every voice contributes to a transformative journey. 


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