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We would have loved to raise our glasses with you to wrap up the academic year in beauty. But looking back on the academic year together and discussing our summer plans during the BBQ, doesn't work this time. And yet we would like to thank you all very much, for the fact that we made it, be it with ups and downs, hope and frustration, humour and cynicism. 

We could have sent an external power bank as a thank you, to recharge you, but maybe you don't want to recharge now, and eventually only charge your phone and tablet with it. We could have sent you some aspirin, to get rid of the headache this semester caused. A bag of tea to detox, bath salts to relax. Incense sticks to applaud yourself, because you can be very proud of yourself.

But we do it differently. We are happy to invite you to join us on Friday 10 July from 2:55 pm.


Kind regards

Petra, Michel & Koen

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