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Showcasing bands

Our commitment to propelling bands forward has resulted in a series of extraordinary moments in recent years. This success story extends to the heart of Antwerp, where students find themselves at the forefront. Through our efforts, we've orchestrated remarkable experiences that celebrate music, talent, and the power of collaboration.


city of Antwerp


2014 - 2015

As the academic year kicked off, we brought together a tapestry of partners including an alternative radio station and a prominent newspaper. Within a vibrant student hub, a happy few had the privilege of attending exclusive concerts by A-list artists. Each extraordinary show was prefaced by a captivating live broadcast on the radio, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonated with both music enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Within the tapestry of showcase concerts, another vibrant facet unfolded – a competition that harmonized with renowned festival brands. An exhilarating journey took students abroad to witness Antwerp's musical gems in international settings. With iconic artists like Netsky (Londen), Triggerfinger (Bilbao), and Deus (Berlin) as the main acts, these concerts abroad became unforgettable milestones.


This endeavor was brought to life by Production Office, orchestrated in collaboration with esteemed partners including an airline, a bank, a beer brand, and a public broadcaster. Together, we painted an extraordinary canvas of music, culture, and camaraderie.

At Production Office, we believe that nothing is beyond reach. Music is at our core, igniting limitless possibilities. Whether you're an artist seeking support or a visionary eager to collaborate with talents, we're your steadfast allies. Our doors are open to co-create, innovate, and pave the way for extraordinary endeavors. Let's make the impossible a reality – because in our world, music truly matters.


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