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Roadshow nieuwe WIJ _2015



Facilitating the election process of the local committees, of the Flemish Christian Democratic political party, while presenting the new party slogan and positioning.



At every location we have created a warm and inviting environment called the Brouwer(W)IJ, a Dutch pun with their new slogan. Besides electing the local committees participants could also vote for a proper beer and soda. Both of the winning drinks will be offered during the New Year reception.



Prior to this the local election was simply handing in a paper vote at the local branch. Now a community enhancing networking event occured and participants had a chatter and discussed local party issues  . All of this in a way as how the client whishes to profile itself. 

Co-creation & production of a FIELD MARKETING CAMPAIGN
oct - nov - dec 2015
Client : CD&V
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