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Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Zuidgeluid for the enriching collaboration that makes us part of their team. We offer them strategic advice, production assistance, and unwavering emotional support. By joining forces with Zuidgeluid, we step into schools and connect with the promising new generation. Each year, during and after our co-produced shows, we're overwhelmed by the genuine positivity this project radiates.

Production Office passionately believes in the concept of a "makeable city," where every citizen contributes to a greater whole. To achieve this, we must unlock the boundless potential of diversity, for true brilliance emerges when everyone's voice is heard. Join us on the journey to foster active citizenship, ignite dialogue, and pave the path toward an inclusive, vibrant, and truly "smart city" that we're fortunate to call home.


This organization is making a remarkable impact. Through the magic of music, it's unlocking the potential within classrooms, guiding children with the mentorship of accomplished singers, and providing them with the opportunity to shine on the grand stage of an iconic cultural venue.


Zuidgeluid vzw


2021 - ...

The 'Zuidgeluid' organization deeply understands the enriching power of culture, especially through singing. They break down barriers, fostering interest and self-assurance among youngsters, encouraging them to embrace culture with open hearts and minds. This initiative goes beyond the expected, embracing every voice as a vital part of the team in a wonderfully diverse city.​

In the challenging landscape of NGOs, resilience reigns supreme. Year after year, this organization defies odds, making strides and leaving a lasting impact. With unwavering focus and an unyielding commitment to their values and vision, they carve a path that stays true, proving that dedication is the heartbeat of progress.


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