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When a city introduces a fresh agency accompanied by new infrastructure, a well-crafted launching campaign can be a game-changer. This strategic initiative not only ignites trendiness but also sparks awareness within the target audience. By orchestrating an impactful campaign, we elevate the organization's profile, painting a vibrant picture of its essence and fostering engagement within the community.


City of Antwerp


2014 - 2015

Elevating to a trending topic status requires media prowess, and we excel in shaping partnerships and securing media alliances. In our campaign approach, this strategy yielded remarkable results, generating extensive coverage across radio waves and newspaper columns. To amplify our reach, we curated an additional promotional campaign through advertising on air, out of home, and in print. By orchestrating strategic media collaborations, we ensure that the message resonates far and wide, establishing the city's new agency and infrastructure as a focal point of interest and conversation.

Over the span of two years, our journey with the client has been one of comprehensive brand elevation. From cultivating brand awareness and content creation to orchestrating flagship events, reactvertising, and executing strategies both above and below the line, we've woven a cohesive tapestry of engagement and impact. Through dynamic campaigns and initiatives, we've propelled the brand to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the market landscape.

Our unique systemic approach serves as the bedrock for forging transformative and creative partnerships. With this strategy in place, we breathe life into initiatives that resonate, capturing the spotlight and ingraining them in the collective consciousness. Regardless of duration, whether it's a short burst of impact or a long-term engagement, our approach ensures that these initiatives thrive, making a lasting impression and leaving an imprint on the landscape.


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